31 januar 2015

Random rambles

I got a nice load of money from all the work I've been doing for the last month. Yay!
First thing I wanted to spend some money on was paying off a huge chunk on my White Rabbit layaway. So now I only need to pay $220 to be done with it. He is expensive XD
I hope I never want a doll this expensive again >__<"

Oh, and another news is; I've just spent a ridiculous amount of money on new faceup supplies :D
Yaaay!! I've been wanting to buy Rembrandt soft pastels for half a year now, and finally I had the money. I had planned to buy a set of 60 half sticks for around 600DKK (~$97) from a Danish supply store...but Danish prices are always way more expensive than anywhere else. So I tried googling if I might find the set of pastels on a british site (less expensive - no import taxes). And I did! I found www.jacksonsart.com where I could even get free shipping to my country if I bought for more than £100 (~$150), This site offered a set with 90 half sticks for £51 (~$77) so I could get more pastels for less money.

Just shows how overpriced stuff is here in DK. -__-" I'd love to support local stores, but the extra money is just too much.
Anyway, I ordered the set with 90 half sticks (its probably way more than I'll be needing, but it nice to have such a large range of colors to play around with ^^), 7 different Princeton brushes and 4 different Golden fluid acrylic colors. So I'm really excited and hope I'll have it all by the end of next week so I can do my sisters cute MSD head :3

But yeah...Its not even the 1st of February and I've already spent a lot of money XD

25 januar 2015

And here I go again...

Here I was, thinking I was out of danger until PW sculptor Kyung Min Lee is recovered...it turnes out I've developed a HUGE crush on Ringdoll's Lucifer Style C ;__;~<3

But just look at hiiiiiim~

I've always liked Ringdoll. They are very interesting and brave and have their own very destinct style. But I was so taken aback by the Style C Lucifer. He looks awesome. XD

It all began when I 'accidentally' started writing a little on the story for my SD-sized dollies. I had my mind set on Freyah not getting a guy for a long time, because I've had difficulty defining what type of guy she'd be interested in...turns out that guy is a tall 'stranger' she meets at a ball while trying to dodge her parents and their usual attempt to find her a fiance.
Since I bought Freyah, I've thought she should have a tan man (lol), but I fear it would be pretty difficult to make those two types of tan go well together because of their hue. So for now I'm considering getting him in normal skin. ;P

Hehe it's kind of crazy really...buying him as a full set will still be easier than one of my two PW girls XD so I want to try buying a full set for the first time. I've never gotten a doll I could just take out of the box from the start and play with it without having to get clothes, faceup and everything else. I'd like to try that. ^^

So yeah...this has been what I've been filling my mind with over the last many days...though I did have my final exam this Thursday, so I now have an AP in Computer Science ;D

Hope to get news about the Taobao order with my sisters soon...I hope it arrives before my girls XD

10 januar 2015

New order from Taobao

As promised, here is what I have on the way from Taobao.
My sister Johanne told me she would make a Taobao order at the end of December, so I quickly asked her if I could join since I don't really have anything for when my new girls arrive.

So, here is what I've ordered:
 These beautiful shoes I just had to have! I've even asked my sister to make a dress for one of my dolls that can match these shoes. Just knew I had to have them XD
 This wig for Freyah...but I don't know if it is a good enough quality ^^"
 This wig for Ophelia...I bought some different ones as I have a hard time deciding hairstyles. Especially for Ophelia...I don't know what colors will look good on her. XD
 This dress was a given for Freyah. It's so lovely.
 I decided to order two of these, to make school uniforms for my girls. I kept returning to this dress, so in the end I just sort of found an excuse to buy it ;P
 One set of black underwear for one of the girls.
 White stilettos with white lace to go with Freyah's dress...hopefully :D
 The first of many necklaces XD
 Another set of underwear for the girls - but as I don't know which set will go to which girl...
 I ordered two of these hair ornaments. One in this violet color and one in yellow.
 Two doll stands...because I've always wanted some in SD-size ;)
 Another necklace
 Blue glass eyes for Freyah
 This necklace as well XD
 I thought these would do super well as 'school-uniform shoes', so two pairs of these.
 These awesome fishnet overknees *__*
 This cute bob-cut wig for Ophelia
 I think I ordered this one in a more brown nuance for Ophelia...XD
 And I think I ordered this one in blond for Freyah...I might be surprised in this order *too lazy to log into taobaotrends to check* XD
 One pair of black kneehighs
 This pretty blue dress for Ophelia
These awesome glass eyes for Ophelia.

I ordered another pair of shoes for Ophelia, but they were out of stock, so I've asked my sister to include another pair of shoes. I can't have my girls get jealous of each other from day one XD

Hopefully some of the wigs will work and give me a better idea of what they will end up wearing. I don't want them to only have one wig. I'd really like for both my girls to have different wigs in different styles to make fun photo-stories :D

07 januar 2015

Happy New Year! How 2014 went and my plans for 2015!

I've been a little busy with the holiday and work, so this is the first time I've had time to write stuff on my blog.

To start with, I'd like to review my doll year of 2014.
I just took what I posted on RG. XD

I expect a very exciting 2014. I'll be receiving a small army of tinies from Peak's Woods. First my v.f. Lady Alice in blue-grey, then the next 4 tinies (2 whole, 2 heads) will join me. Those are the characters I've planned, and I really don't hope PW has huge plans on releasing new limited tinies this year, as I wouldn't be able to stop myself.
Haha I must admit I laughed at myself when I red this old post. XD
I did get all my tinies, and I love them very much, but it seems I got too tempted by another sort of limited editions in the end ;P

To fully equip all my 5 tinies incl. eyes and wigs.

Well, I did do that to my great satisfaction. I'm just sorry I haven't really been able to take photos. :(

To buy backdrops if I can find any that fits what I have in mind.

 I did get 3 backdrops...But I haven't really used them much >_<" They are awesome though! :D

Get a lot of faceups done on both mine and others' dolls.

I didn't really do many faceups. Only one that I kept and that was the one I did for Alice. :/ I had two of my sisters dolls laying around here to get faceups...and I haven't done a single one yet. And after my sister visited me for New Years Eve, I now have even more of her dolls staying for faceups XD'

Practice using my airbrush.

I did actually do this in the last few months of 2014. I feel a lot more confident now than before, but I still have a lot to learn ^^ I really love using my airbrush, and I hope I'll get better and better :D

Finish my sisters tiny Soom doe-girl and her Pipos Cheshire Cat.

Well, as mentioned before...I didn't do this ;__;" I hope I can make it up to her.

So those where the plans I had for 2014. Some I did, some I didn't. I really feel bad about not having done my sisters dolls. But I live in a dorm and don't want to poison my friends with MSC, so hopefully - now that I have gotten the Liquitex stuff - I'll be doing a lot of faceups from now on. ^^ *hope hope*

So! On to my plans for 2015 :D
Seeing as I completely ditched my "only tinies from now on" policy mid-way through 2014 and now have 3 SD-sized dolls coming home, I guess I need to do something for those too. ;)

Have money for customs
Especially for my Dlight girls - two at once will be expensive @__@

Pay off my layaway for my PW White Rabbit boy
Can't wait to welcome His Royal Hotness >/////<

Paint ALL my dolls - AND all my sisters dolls
Seriously! No slacking this year! >__<

Buy shoes, wigs, eyes and a little clothes for all my incoming dolls.
I've already ordered some, but I'll post about it in my next post ;)

Get better at photographing my dolls
I'd really love to be better at making those awesome dreamy shots that I admire others can do *__*

Keep doing this blog
Because I love it and it's so much fun ^^