29 november 2014

I just spent all my money

So, quick update on my plans to pay off a huge chunk of my Dlights...I did - or well - I tried to. XD
I'm not very good at using PayPal, but I hope I did what I should.
This month I intended to spent all of my salary from my internship/job to pay off some of my Layaway for the Dlights. I managed to find enough money to transfer, so that I'll only need to pay off $100 by the end of December before my Dlights are payed off. I'm so excited! But at the same time I'm really anxious because PayPal transactions are slow? oO"
I'd hoped the money would be with PW later Friday after transferring it Friday morning, but I still haven't had any confirmation from PW that they've received it...so I'll just be biting my nails until I hear from them XD'
I never spent so much money at once...ö__ö"

So now I am super broke (I do have money for Christmas stuff - just not ANY doll stuff) XD
But I'm just happy I get to pay off my girls much much faster than anticipated :D

27 november 2014

Ended up with a little extra cash this month

And so I decided to finally order the Liquitex Matte Medium and Matte Varnish! Yay!
As I've been more and more impatient to try it, as well as impatient to get to paint my sisters Soom deer girl, I just had to buy these two compounds.
I'm so excited to be able to do the spraying inside. It'll be so nice not to have to rely on dry weather (especially as it rains most of the time here in the winter period). I also believe I'll be doing a lot more faceups when I don't have to go outside and look like a freak spraying my dolls while wearing a huge respirator mask. XD

So yeah, huge thanks to Ellesmera for inspiring me to try these. I'm so super excited to see how it is to work with. Also because it'll be a good kick in my butt to get started using my airbrush ;D

Oh! And did you guys see the new promo banner on the PW page and facebook? *__*
Grey Dlight is just gorgeous! I also completely love her faceup and styling. SO happy I get to have both kinds of these beauties. :'D
I hope to be able to pay a huge part of them off when my pay rolls into my account tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to make the last payment by the end of December :D

Aaaaand hopefully PW will not release any drop-dead-gorgeous dolls in the near future XD
I do feel like I'm contend with the dolls I have and have incoming, but PW dolls are just all soooo beautiful and it's so terrible >____< I really love PW ;__;"

18 november 2014


Just wanted to post how I have now convinced one of my sisters (Helene) to get herself a Peak's Woods doll as well XD
I guess I've been a little hard on my sisters pestering them about my incoming dolls and shoving my tinies in their face at any given moment. So yeah, Helene caved in and ordered an FOF Rabbit Waltz which will be super cute as a girl :D
And now we can both fangirl over PW...and maybe even convince Johanne (my oldest little sister) to also join in the PW fun. Haha

It'll be awesome to see Rabbit Waltz. I considered getting one before I went all 'must-have-SD-sized-dolls-again'-crazy so I'm so happy I'll get to play with one anyway ;D

Ellesmera from Fantasywoods.net told me about how she uses Liquitex Matte Medium and Liquitex Matte Varnish to seal her dolls. It sounds like a fantastic alternative to MSC. Unfortunately it's quite expensive to get, if at all possible. Why does it have to be so difficult? -___- I think I'll have to order through artsupplies.co.uk to get both of the components. It's not ridiculously pricy...it's just I keep thinking about paying off my Dlights and go "but thats [insert percentage] of one payment for my Dlights...I'd rather pay my layaway off noooow!"
And so I must wait until january to order those Liquitex stuff. But I'm certain I'll do it since it's supposed to be non-toxic and I would therefore be able to spray it inside my dorm room without dying in my sleep XD
Idk I've just become a bit affraid of MSC after listening to a horrifying sound clip of a girl on DOA who got a chronical condition in her lungs due to MSC. >____<"

I hope the weather will be good this weekend, then I might be able to play around with my sisters SOOM tiny. ^^

15 november 2014

Nearing winter

Yesterday PW announced their Christmas Event!
It seems they were planning on releasing new dolls, but they had to postpone those plans, since their sculptor KyungMin hurt her hand and had to have a surgery to get it fixed. Since she will not be able to use her hand for a month, PW decided to make their Christmas Event so, that you can order any of the 2014 limited dolls again in December. Some of the skin colors will not be offered, and some will be offered in other skintones (Dlight).
I think this is a really nice event. It's great that people get at second chance to get the limited edition dolls. But at the same time I'm a little relieved that people can't order Dlight in the same skin tones I got her in...it just makes them a little more special to me. ;P

PW just uploaded a new cover photo for their FB showing a white skin White Rabbit Tristan - so gorgeous! I tell you that sculpt will look good no matter what XD
I like how they gave him some darker red eyes, They look great. ^^

But I'm sort of happy PW didn't release new dolls. I'm not sure I would be able to control myself if they released something awesome again XDD'
At the moment I wont have to feel scared of needing anything new. So that's reassuring...mainly for my wallet. Hehe

But I look forward to seeing everyones new dolls :D
And I hope KyungMin is not too troubled by her accident ;__;

03 november 2014

Slowly paying off

So long since I've posted last...or is it just me? ;D
I just wanted to note that I payed off TWO payments on my layaway plan for my Dlights this time. :D Yaaay!!! It's really great to see the payments getting fewer and fewer, knowing I'll have my two Dlights home in the beginning of 2015. *^^*
If all goes well, I'll be paying the last installment by end of January. Wee!! So happy <3
It's so great I get payed a bit for working at my internship company :)

I'm starting to look for what to buy my new girls when they arrive, and I've been fretting a bit about wigs. I'm pretty sure about color and style, I'm just not sure if I should go with fur or synthetic. I read about this brand Pengin Workshop on DoA last week, and these wigs look so pretty...I'm just not really sure if they have what I want XD
So hard to find the right thing. It's like my concept is at the edge of my sight, but I can't really see it clearly, just get hints and guess what I think I see. It's quite annoying sometimes >___<"
I want my girls to look a bit mature and not super girlie/lolita/frilly...you know? So I'm having a hard time because I really like to look at the girlie/lolita/frilly stuff XD
It has even crossed my mind to maybe make Ophelia's wig myself ö___ö" Don't know if I dare though. I've never tried it, and there seems to be a million different ways to do it. I would feel a lot more comfortable just buying a pretty red/wine colored wig that can be braided loosely over one shoulder. ^^

If anyone has a wig-dealer you think might be selling such a wig, please let me know <3 I shall be forever greatful :D