30 april 2014

Ups. Long time, no post.

It has actually been over a month since I last posted. That is bad!!
I've been really busy with school and stuff, so there hasn't really been happening a lot of doll-related stuff around here.

However, I decided to write to Peak's Woods today, to inquire after my layaway order that I finished back in March. I just wanted to hear if they could give me an estimate as to how soon my new dollies will be shipped. Hopefully it will be soon. If I am not mistaken, it looks like my order is the oldest payed-in-full layaway order now, so I guess they ought to ship my order soon...*hopes* ^^

I still need to find a pair of white or orange shoes for Nellie, as her dress turned out to be orange and not pink XD
But the stuff I got from TaoBao was really great. I'm so surprised at the quality. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I've really gotten some awesome stuff (reffering here to the order mentioned in the privious post). The wigs are great, the eyes look awesome and the dresses are really cute. I found out the two dresses came with a pair of socks as well - I don't know if I forgot or just didn't read the describtion properly or what, but now I have a lot of pretty socks for my girls. ^^"

So I'm really hoping for a positive reply from Peak's Woods, and that I shall meet my new additions very soon. :3