15 december 2014

I've SOOOOOO looked forward to this day *_____________*

Today was the day when I finally got to click the 'pay'-button on my last layaway installment for my two Dlights!!
Can you believe it?
Hehe :3

Just look at this!! :D
Am I the only one getting SO satisfied watching a payed layaway?? ...OK, so I'm a little 'high' that I could pay off this layaway half a year before I'd estimated. XD
But I'm just really happy! Seeing all these incoming Dlights just made me realize I wanted to make sure I'll have mine before my birthday in March...so I dug in my wallet and made the last payment today. I guess I have to eat pasta from now until I go home to mum and dad for Christmas ;P

Haha...well, that will be it for this time. I'm sorry I haven't posted any faceup stuff yet, but I need to wipe the ones I did (the learning curve for airbrushing is slightly hill'y XD). Not sure if I'll have the time to redo some of the faceups before going home for Christmas, but otherwise It'll be up right after. I really REALLY enjoy this technique so I DO promise faceup spam as soon as possible <3

13 december 2014

Doll Wishlist Meme

I was tagged by Lise to do this meme. I'm not very used to doing memes, but I enjoy the ones I do. XD

1. How many dolls are on your wish list currently?
12 - but I have 3 of them on layaway ;D

2. How many Larger (65cm+) dolls are on your list? 
None ^^" it's just too large for me. :/

3. What about 1/3 sized dolls?
All 12

4. And 1/4? 
None, this size just do not match with me - even though I think they are über cute XD

5. 1/6 and smaller?
None at the moment, but its just a matter of time >:D

6. What is your grail doll?
Well, I actually have 3 grail dolls at the moment...and I have them all on layaway *^^*
PW FOC LE wu Dlight - diamondgrey, PW FOC LE oe Dlight - suntan and PW FOC LE White Rabbit Dandy Tristan - blue-grey

7. What is the most expensive doll on your wishlist?
My PW LE White Rabbit Dandy Tristan because I've ordered him with the LE fullset. ;)

8. What about the most inexpensive doll?
The Little Monica dolls are in general a little less expensive than the Peak's Woods ones. So them I guess. XD

9. Which doll do you most look forward to getting in the future?
My Dlights as they are almost payed off and my absolutely grail dolls :D

10. Lastly, can you list all the dolls on your wish list?
Peak's Woods AB Bella the Moon
Peak's Woods FOC LE wu Dlight - *on layaway*
Peak's Woods FOC LE oe Dlight - *on layaway*
Peak't Woods FOC LE White Rabbit Dandy Tristan - *on layaway*
Peak's Woods FOC Dandy Bella the Moon
Peak's Woods FOC Tristan
Peak's Woods FOC Goldie
Peak's Woods FOC Briana
Little Monica Harmony Chloe
Little Monica Harmony Eden
Little Monica Harmony Demetri
Little Monica Harmony Renonne

Tag some people to keep it moving!
Okay, I'm tagging:
hirin (now you need a dollie blog as well)
Anne (seconding the tag ;P)

05 december 2014

So relieved

I'm SO relieved! PW responded me today, and they DID get my money through PayPal, they just didn't get any mail from PayPal about it. So I'm just really happy I won't have to speculate about it anymore. I got quite stressed about it actually. Mostly because I still haven't received any reply from PayPal yet, even though it's now two days since I wrote them. But now I can relax and enjoy my weekend ^^
I'm so delighted to see, that I only need one last payment before my girls will be made *__* I'm super excited to finally have them payed off. Its so awesome that I got the possibility to pay off these girls much much faster than planned. Originally I'd thought I'd need to wait almost a year to pay them off, so I'm really happy I won't have to.wait that long :D

04 december 2014

A little freaked out

I've been waiting for PW to confirm that they've received my money, but so far no luck. The money has been withdrawn from my account, so now it's really just a question if they received it.
I've checked and checked, and the mail I used is definitely the right one, so I have no idea what is taking this transaction so long.
My good (beautiful, amazing, lovely, fantastic, did I say amazing?) friend Anne took a look at my PayPal transaction and could not see anything wrong with it, so she advised me to try and ask PW again. So I did, and now I'll just have to wait and see what they'll reply tomorrow. Hopefully they just overlooked it or something. >__< I don't want to have to fight with PayPal to get my money back x__x"

On another note however, I went to the post office today to collect my Liquitex stuff. So guess what I'll be doing this weekend?? ;D
I'm really looking forward to start playing more with my airbrush. It will be so much fun ^^

29 november 2014

I just spent all my money

So, quick update on my plans to pay off a huge chunk of my Dlights...I did - or well - I tried to. XD
I'm not very good at using PayPal, but I hope I did what I should.
This month I intended to spent all of my salary from my internship/job to pay off some of my Layaway for the Dlights. I managed to find enough money to transfer, so that I'll only need to pay off $100 by the end of December before my Dlights are payed off. I'm so excited! But at the same time I'm really anxious because PayPal transactions are slow? oO"
I'd hoped the money would be with PW later Friday after transferring it Friday morning, but I still haven't had any confirmation from PW that they've received it...so I'll just be biting my nails until I hear from them XD'
I never spent so much money at once...ö__ö"

So now I am super broke (I do have money for Christmas stuff - just not ANY doll stuff) XD
But I'm just happy I get to pay off my girls much much faster than anticipated :D

27 november 2014

Ended up with a little extra cash this month

And so I decided to finally order the Liquitex Matte Medium and Matte Varnish! Yay!
As I've been more and more impatient to try it, as well as impatient to get to paint my sisters Soom deer girl, I just had to buy these two compounds.
I'm so excited to be able to do the spraying inside. It'll be so nice not to have to rely on dry weather (especially as it rains most of the time here in the winter period). I also believe I'll be doing a lot more faceups when I don't have to go outside and look like a freak spraying my dolls while wearing a huge respirator mask. XD

So yeah, huge thanks to Ellesmera for inspiring me to try these. I'm so super excited to see how it is to work with. Also because it'll be a good kick in my butt to get started using my airbrush ;D

Oh! And did you guys see the new promo banner on the PW page and facebook? *__*
Grey Dlight is just gorgeous! I also completely love her faceup and styling. SO happy I get to have both kinds of these beauties. :'D
I hope to be able to pay a huge part of them off when my pay rolls into my account tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to make the last payment by the end of December :D

Aaaaand hopefully PW will not release any drop-dead-gorgeous dolls in the near future XD
I do feel like I'm contend with the dolls I have and have incoming, but PW dolls are just all soooo beautiful and it's so terrible >____< I really love PW ;__;"

18 november 2014


Just wanted to post how I have now convinced one of my sisters (Helene) to get herself a Peak's Woods doll as well XD
I guess I've been a little hard on my sisters pestering them about my incoming dolls and shoving my tinies in their face at any given moment. So yeah, Helene caved in and ordered an FOF Rabbit Waltz which will be super cute as a girl :D
And now we can both fangirl over PW...and maybe even convince Johanne (my oldest little sister) to also join in the PW fun. Haha

It'll be awesome to see Rabbit Waltz. I considered getting one before I went all 'must-have-SD-sized-dolls-again'-crazy so I'm so happy I'll get to play with one anyway ;D

Ellesmera from Fantasywoods.net told me about how she uses Liquitex Matte Medium and Liquitex Matte Varnish to seal her dolls. It sounds like a fantastic alternative to MSC. Unfortunately it's quite expensive to get, if at all possible. Why does it have to be so difficult? -___- I think I'll have to order through artsupplies.co.uk to get both of the components. It's not ridiculously pricy...it's just I keep thinking about paying off my Dlights and go "but thats [insert percentage] of one payment for my Dlights...I'd rather pay my layaway off noooow!"
And so I must wait until january to order those Liquitex stuff. But I'm certain I'll do it since it's supposed to be non-toxic and I would therefore be able to spray it inside my dorm room without dying in my sleep XD
Idk I've just become a bit affraid of MSC after listening to a horrifying sound clip of a girl on DOA who got a chronical condition in her lungs due to MSC. >____<"

I hope the weather will be good this weekend, then I might be able to play around with my sisters SOOM tiny. ^^

15 november 2014

Nearing winter

Yesterday PW announced their Christmas Event!
It seems they were planning on releasing new dolls, but they had to postpone those plans, since their sculptor KyungMin hurt her hand and had to have a surgery to get it fixed. Since she will not be able to use her hand for a month, PW decided to make their Christmas Event so, that you can order any of the 2014 limited dolls again in December. Some of the skin colors will not be offered, and some will be offered in other skintones (Dlight).
I think this is a really nice event. It's great that people get at second chance to get the limited edition dolls. But at the same time I'm a little relieved that people can't order Dlight in the same skin tones I got her in...it just makes them a little more special to me. ;P

PW just uploaded a new cover photo for their FB showing a white skin White Rabbit Tristan - so gorgeous! I tell you that sculpt will look good no matter what XD
I like how they gave him some darker red eyes, They look great. ^^

But I'm sort of happy PW didn't release new dolls. I'm not sure I would be able to control myself if they released something awesome again XDD'
At the moment I wont have to feel scared of needing anything new. So that's reassuring...mainly for my wallet. Hehe

But I look forward to seeing everyones new dolls :D
And I hope KyungMin is not too troubled by her accident ;__;

03 november 2014

Slowly paying off

So long since I've posted last...or is it just me? ;D
I just wanted to note that I payed off TWO payments on my layaway plan for my Dlights this time. :D Yaaay!!! It's really great to see the payments getting fewer and fewer, knowing I'll have my two Dlights home in the beginning of 2015. *^^*
If all goes well, I'll be paying the last installment by end of January. Wee!! So happy <3
It's so great I get payed a bit for working at my internship company :)

I'm starting to look for what to buy my new girls when they arrive, and I've been fretting a bit about wigs. I'm pretty sure about color and style, I'm just not sure if I should go with fur or synthetic. I read about this brand Pengin Workshop on DoA last week, and these wigs look so pretty...I'm just not really sure if they have what I want XD
So hard to find the right thing. It's like my concept is at the edge of my sight, but I can't really see it clearly, just get hints and guess what I think I see. It's quite annoying sometimes >___<"
I want my girls to look a bit mature and not super girlie/lolita/frilly...you know? So I'm having a hard time because I really like to look at the girlie/lolita/frilly stuff XD
It has even crossed my mind to maybe make Ophelia's wig myself ö___ö" Don't know if I dare though. I've never tried it, and there seems to be a million different ways to do it. I would feel a lot more comfortable just buying a pretty red/wine colored wig that can be braided loosely over one shoulder. ^^

If anyone has a wig-dealer you think might be selling such a wig, please let me know <3 I shall be forever greatful :D

16 oktober 2014

Short update on The Crew

Some days ago I played around with dreamself.me again to come up with some concept ideas for my SD-sized dolls. They are now shown under The Crew if you wish to get a glimpse of how I imagine they will sort of look like. ^^
Unfortunately dreamself.me does not have 'unnatural' skin colors, so I just had to pick the palest one for both Ophelia and Fitzwilliam.

Hehe I'm still a little uncertain about Fitzwilliam, but out of all the names I've been considering, that is the most fitting - he IS my Mr. Darcy ;)

So open eyed Dlight will be named Freyah.
Wake up Dlight will be named Ophelia.
And White Rabbit will probably be named Fitzwilliam. XD

So that's all for now...just some random blabberings from me. ;P

15 oktober 2014

Good news!! ;D

Today I went to my internship company as usual, but it did not turn out to be such a usual day in the end actually.
Suddenly my internship-boss comes over to me and asks if I would like to stay an extra hour each day, and then get paid for it? Well I was speechless!
Here I've been, moaning about the loss of opportunity to earn some money by doing a part-time job beside my studies, and now I've actually got one that is not only very little time consuming (5 hours a week) but also at a great hour rate. So if everything goes right I'll be paying my two layaways off much quicker than expected! YAY!!! :D
This is so awesome! I've really been annoyed that I wouldn't be able to get a part-time job while doing my internship, but now it has just been magically taken care of (well, maybe not magically, but it does seem a bit surreal). XD
So by my calculations (the first thing I did), I'll be paying the last layaway payment by the first day of March! Wee! So exciting! That is a lot of months earlier than expected XD'
Now I am just a little in doubt about, if I should pay off my Dlights first, and then pay off His Royal Hotness fully when the Dlights have been payed...I'm not sure...Or should I just pay them off equally at the same time >_<"
What would you do? ö__ö

02 oktober 2014

The tinies

First a short note on His Royal Hotness: first payment payed!! :DI still can't believe I have managed to get AND buy THREE grail doll I din't knew I would have. XD
It's scary and amazing at the same time.

Anyway, so I've been having this idea playing around in my head to make my normal skin FOFs into seasons!! *__*
I've always loved interpretations of the seasons into clothes, and I really think that it would be a neat project for me. I think it will end with the twins being spring and autumn, and Lucy being summer and Loki being winter. ^^
It would be a project that would always be relevant, and could be really neat I think <3
As much as I love watching people having fantasy faceups, I won't do fantasy faceups on my crew, as I just feel like it's not really my intention of making it a fantasy theme. I just want to make clothes that are inspired by the season (colours, fabrics etc. but not fashion-like). It will end up being pretty frilly-dolly style I think XD
But that is awesome I think, because non of my big dolls will be wearing lolita stuff, and somebody should ^^;

Well, that's all the ramble you will get from me today XD
I'm trying to paint more doll pics on my computer, but it is not that easy, and I often just start afresh if I don't like where a sketch is going, so it might be a while before I actually get to finish anything >_<"
But hey, it's weekend after tomorrow! ;D

29 september 2014

One White Rabbit coming up!

I did it!!! I'm both ecstatic and horrified at the same time! XDD'
Of cause, in the end, I decided I needed the White Rabbit (not Rabbit Goon as I earlier thought ;P). He is actually Dandy Tristan, but with other skin colour options than just the normal normal or white skin.
This time PW offered full sets, so off I went and got him in the blue-grey skin tone I love so and the full set which is über cute!! ^^ Only thing that did not come with the full set was the boots, which are unfortunately sold out from DollHeart...maybe I'll find some similar on Taobao ;D
The eyes where not sold via PW's page as well, so I'll have too look for some on Taobao as well. I really love the resin eyes PW sells, but I don't know if I would pay that much for a couple of eyes that might yellow - I tend to magically make all non-glass eyes yellow...TT__TT
And I also didn't get him with a faceup seeing as I've already spend SO much money on awesome faceup materials, so I should really do those myself. I also like to change the dolls faceups from time to time anyway, so I guess I just felt the $80 would be too much when I can do one myself for free - though not as awesome as Nornan's (one of PW's new faceup artists), but at least I'm getting to a point where I think it's decent. XD
I sort of jumped in right away and ordered him on a looong layaway, because I got afraid when I read that the full sets would be limited and might sell out quickly, and I wanted the full set so badly I just put him in the basket before I even had the money...I'm beginning to question my own sanity. Hehe
BUT! I do feel very satisfied, and I feel like these three (White Rabbit and my two Dlights) are the dolls I need for now. Since the Dandy boys came out in May, I've been deeply in love with the Tristan sculpt, and I was really sad that I had decided on not having SD-sized dolls anymore. But that promise didn't last long, for as soon as I saw the Dlight sculpt I was IN LOVE!! And as soon as I had ordered those lovely ladies, I was already thinking about giving them a male companion. Somehow I decided I only need one male...? So suntan Dlight - I'm sorry, but for now you will be without a man ;__; I'm so cruel (no, I'm being dictated by my wallet XD)
I looked through some of the Dollism NY pictures to make out the skin tones, and I think my diamond grey Dlight will look perfect in the arms of my blue-grey White Rabbit *___*
I like the idea that they are not totally the same colour, for that would make it a little too unified I think XD
But aw! I can't wait to get them all home and just go insane over their beauty >_<~<3

I'll also try to do a faceup this coming weekend. My weekend blues this past weekend - where I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO - resulted in me lying in my bed all the time drooling over PW promo pictures, chatting with the awesome people in the PW FOC discussion thread on DoA, and watching Twin Peaks on Netflix. XDD'
I was a real couch potato >____<"

Here are a mini version of PW's White Rabbit promo pics:

He is know as His Royal Hotness aka Count R. H. von Rabbit atm <3

18 september 2014

Shut up and take my money!! ...Or well, my imaginative money! XD

Yeah so, Peak's Woods just put up teasers of their new line for the Halloween event...WHY!! Of cause they are just amazing and stunning dolls! I am SO in love with the FOC Rabbit Goon, he is GORGEOUS!! *___* Why don't I have more money TT___TT

The idea PW has had this time is really awesome. They've redesigned some of the earliest FOFs, and have made them into FOCs! And do they look amazing? Oh they sure do! >____<
Damn you PW ;___;

Here are the teasers as showed on Facebook ^^

 FOC LE Alice in Wickedland Alice

 FOC LE Alice in Wickedland Rabbit Goon

FOC LE Alice in Wickedland Mad Hatter (PW has not revealed which FOF he is supposed to be, but people believe he is the FOC version of Cheshire Goon)

Wahaha *goes to bed crying* (but happy they are so pretty) *___*

02 september 2014

Alice shoot

A little later than promised. I didn't get to take any photos of Alice this weekend, but have in stead taken some with my phone this evening.
And yes, it's my computer in the background...sorry about that, but I didn't have the energy to set up a backdrop XD
I'll hopefully get to take some better photos of her soon, but here is a few pics to show off her new dress ;)
with flash

without flash

I still need to figure out how to secure the headband to her wig, as I don't like the look when I tie it under her hair - it makes the wig look weird.
I'm also considering sewing some pink pearls and stuff on the dress...to make it more pink and cute XD
The white makes her look so clean, so I think adding pink peals etc. would soften the look a little ^^
I'm actually also considering if the shoes are good enough...I'm just not sure if there are any better ones out there? >_<"

27 august 2014

Package well recieved

I went to collect my package from Taobaotrends yesterday at the local post office. There was a ridiculous line when I got there, so I had to wait about 20 min. before it was my turn. No fun. XD
While I was waiting I heard the post-lady tell at least two customers that their packages were lost and that she was putting a missing note in the system...I got pretty nervous when it finally got to my turn. But after a lot of search around the little postoffice, she finally found my package - many nervous thoughts later. XD

The Angel Studio dress is ADORABLE!! The ONLY 'annoying' thing about it is, that the collar-thingy covers one of the bite-marks, but that I can live with. But really, it looks great! I need to find out how to put the headpiece on properly though, so I must do a bit of training there to get it right. AND I might (or well Alice might) be in dire need of new shoes XD I gave her the white ones with pink ribbon on, and it's just like they're not quite right together with the dress...oh dear. But for now it's OK. It's just a little something that bothers me a teeny tiny bit...

The shoes for Nellie will be great I think - but I haven't tried them on yet...I'm such a lazy owner ;D
Buuuuutt...as I also received three awesome new brushes, I'll try to do some face ups this weekend ^____^ I'm really excited to see how they are to work with. I really hope I can make those awesome fine lines you see on pro face ups *__*~<3

The last stuff in the package were the eyelashes! They look nice, but very different from the ones I've known so far. They are like sown together like a long string with eyelashes out one side. But I think they might be easier to put on the dolls, so that will be interesting to try XD
The eyelashes I put on Alice seems to be sticking on really well. I took inspiration for the application of her eyelashes from a thread on DoA that showed a really nice way to do it, as well as the YouTube videos by Andreja (Nicolle's Dream) ;)

Pics of Alice in her new dress will come in this weekend ^____^

19 august 2014

Shipping notice from Taobaotrends

Got the shipping notice from Taobaotrends today. YAY! I'm so looking forward to recieve Alice's new dress and the Zoukei-Mura brushes.
Hopefully I'll then be able to do more of the faceup I need to finish XD
I want to be able to paint super fine and feathery eyelashes. <3

The first payment for my Dlights has also been payed, and I am officially on a long layaway ;)
I still have no actual ideas for characters/story/clothes/style/etc. for them, but I'll have fun finding it out in the next months ;D
If you have any ideas, please let me know ^___~

18 august 2014

I've been so naughty!

So I didn't win anything in the PW photo contest - that's just life.
The winning photo was awesome by the way! *^^*

BUT!! I've just placed an order of TWO Dlights - one Wake Up Dlight in Diamond Grey skin with the special glitter eyes, and one Open Eyed Dlight in Suntan skin - both with extra hands (those awesome long nailed ones) and high heel feet.

I've asked for a 12 payment layaway - so that's going to be interesting. I'm pretty sure I'll end up paying it off sooner, but this was just to be safe in case of unforeseen expenses later - like insurance and so on. ;D

I'm SO excited! These two girls will probably be my only SD-sized companions for a very long time, but I think they will look awesome together, and I'll enjoy finding stuff for them the next year XD

So that's me being crazy...now you know >_<"

Soooo sloooow!! XD

I'm just sitting and waiting for the result from PW...they said they would make it public today, but they still haven't, and I think the time is around 21:00 O'clock now in Korea...
It's not fair to let us wait XD

This weekend I've caught myself enjoying the idea of actually buying both types of Dlight...both the Wake-up (Diamond Grey skin tone) and the Open eyed (Suntan skin tone). >_<"
I'll just wait and see...must resist buying right away. XD

The great thing about PW limited dolls is, that they will produce for all who order in the limited order period. Not just make like 10 of each and then it's first come, first serve. That would be horrible ^^"
But I'm starting to think collecting PW dolls has become an obsession for me XD
When I'm an old lady I'll have a whole house full of PW dolls (o_O")

17 august 2014

Paid shipping

I just got a mail from Taobaotrends with pictures of my latest order. It looks so wonderful I can't wait to have it all home soon *__*

And tomorrow the winners of the PW photo contest will be announced, so that's pretty exciting as well. I want a Wake Up Dlight in Diamond Grey SO BAD!! XD
She is sooooo pretty <3

Let's see what tomorrow brings ;D

12 august 2014

I'm 99.9% certain...

...that a Wake Up Dlight shall be mine! >_<

I've noticed how I keep going past PW's homepage to look (drool) at her, so I'm beginning to get nervous about the end of this month ^^"

I'll wait until one of the last days in this month to ask for her on layaway (in the Diamond Grey of cause) so that I can still decide not to for a little longer. XD
The minimum first payment of $200 is making me a little uneasy, but I could use the last money from Mr. AngelsDoll Michael to pay it actually...Let's see what the future will bring - or at least the end of August ;D

10 august 2014


Yesterday was the day when I finally pulled myself together and painted a faceup on Alice.
I wanted so much to be able to participate in Peak's Woods photo competition, so it had to be done yesterday so that I could take photos of her today. And I did it, and I'm actually quite happy with the result. Unfortunately my MSC has gotten old (or at least the can I used) so the torso will have to be redone as the bite marks are flaking off :(

But anyways! Here are some of the pictures from today's shoot :D
First! The faceup...

And now with wig...

 And lastly, the photo for the PW contest:

02 august 2014

Made new pics for The Crew

...but no photos yet - I'm like the worst doll-owner ever! XD

I still haven't gotten any faceups done (ended up wiping them all), but hopefully I can do Alice's tomorrow so that I can compete in the PW photo contest - and maybe win a Dlight?? XD'

After seeing the promo pics of the open eyed Dlight, I'm actually more in love with the Wake Up Dlight. She is super seductive and gorgeous. But I don't think I'm going to buy one. The diamond-grey skin tone looks awesome. It looks very shimmery and more light than the blue-grey skin tone of ex. my Alice.
So I guess I'll just wait and see if I'm lucky to win anything in the photo contest. Else I'll probably try to save my money for next time. ^^"

30 juli 2014

LE Wake Up Dlight

Today PW released promopictures of the new Limited Edition Wake Up Dlight - the Fairy of Diamond!
She is beautiful, but I must admit I'm not sold really. I think they will be releasing the promopictures of the open eyed version of Dlight tomorrow, so I'm not safe yet.

Peak's Woods has changed their rules a little this time - I wonder if they read the DoA threads about their dolls XD
They've never really had any rules about layaway payments, but this time it says your first deposit needs to be at least $200 if you want a Dlight on layaway. :O
I think because PW has grown more and more popular over the last year, that they need to control the layaways a bit more, but that is understandable.
Another thing - and this is why I was wondering if they read the threads on DoA - is that you can pay $40 extra and get the AB body, though only in white or normal skin. This has never been an option before, so it's quite interesting. ^^

But yeah, let's see what tomorrow brings - am I safe or not on August 1st. XD

27 juli 2014


I got confirmation today that Mr. AngelsDoll Michael had arrived safely at his new home in Germany. She sounded SO happy about him, it made my day. She told me she had lend his body to her friend to get his seams sanded, and that she would be sending his head to a German faceup artist next week. Pretty cool that she has it all planned already :D

A few days ago, a girl wrote me to ask if I was still selling my white DollHeart dress. I had actually sort of forgotten about that, and as I took it out from my closet I just fell in love with it again. So I had to tell the girl that I could not sell it to her. I just felt like it's too valuable a dress for the price people would be willing to pay. I understand that $100 is a lot of money for dolls clothes, but this set - if you see it irl - you would agree that it ought to cost at least twice. But that was not really why I couldn't sell it. It is actually sort of a grail set for me. I don't know why, but as I took it out I thought how much that dress was ME. The style, the colors, the theme it is all very like I used to design clothes back when I wanted to be a designer, so I've decided to keep the dress for the day - who knows when - where I'll have another SD-sized girl. :)

~ And I'm sort of afraid that I might actually get an SD-sized girl again sooner than I thought. Peak's Woods will be releasing their new limited FOC at the beginning of August - the Fairy of Diamond - which will be in a whole new (possibly exclusive) skin color. I'm just having this really weird feeling of her being my next big crush. XD It's super scary - I had told myself "No SD-sized girls!", but if she turns out to be a must have - I might just bite it down and order her on a loooong layaway plan (I love how flexible PWs layaway system is). But hopefully I won't even have to think that far...lalalah *runs off trying to look indifferent*

21 juli 2014

Beware of the bubble wrap mummy...

I went to the post office today to send Mr. AngelsDoll Michael to his new owner in Germany.
I think she will love his sexy ass to bits! :D

Now comes the time where I bite my nails and hope nothing messes up in the shipping process. I don't know why, but I get super nervous when shipping out stuff. I'm so afraid something could break ;___;" and if so I would feel so ashamed of myself.

So I really hope everything goes smoothly and he arrives as the tightly wrapped bubble mummy I shipped him as today XD

20 juli 2014

1000 visitors!!!

I just saw that I have exactly had 1000 visitors today! Just wanted to post a commemoration post :'D

Hope to be able to fill this blog with a bit more awesome stuff soon! ;)

Thank you <3

Progress - in a way

I've been on holidays around the country (visiting family) and have therefore been quite inactive in here. Hope to change that now that I am back :D

Yesterday I sold my AngelsDoll Michael to a sweet girl in Germany. She transferred the money instantly and so he will be shipped out to her tomorrow when the post office opens.

I'm really happy he will go to a new home, because I have no interest in keeping him as I don't want dolls his size now. So I'm glad to see him go.

The money for him will be my savings for other doll stuff, and guess what - I've already made a little (!) order from Taobao to celebrate (or something). XD

It's still pending, but I hope the items will be as follows:

This Angel Studio dress for Alice that I've been drooling about for some time now. I think it will bring out her lovely blue-grey skin more.

These shoes for Nellie seeing as her dress turned out orange and these will be better, I think, than the pink ones I got her earlier.

And I bought these - one number 02, and two number 01
I've read a lot of nice reviews about these, so I want to try them out - they are said to be a bit more firm in the brush and to keep their shape for a really long time.
Unfortunately these are extremely hard to get your hands on - at least where I'm from. Everywhere I looked they were out of stock. The seller on Taobao ships these from Korea, so that means I'll have to wait about a month before Taobao can ship this order to me. But oh well, I'll just have to practice with my other brushes.

I also added quite a few eyelashes. They didn't cost that much, but they are nice to have.

So that's it for this time. I think I need to sell the 'old' dress Alice had, because I don't think she is going to want to wear it when the white one comes home XD

14 juni 2014

Shoe meme

So, Lise tagged me to do this ;)

  • Take a pic of your doll shoe collection. You can picture all the sizes of shoes you have, even the ones that are handmade/commissioned and so on.
  • Answer the questions! They are only six, but you can add more if you are inspired to do so.
  • Tag friends so they can continue the meme. 

All of the doll shoes under my roof:
There are even still some shoes for SD dolls and a pair of 70cm boy shoes...I hope to sell them soon. XD

1. Which was your first pair of shoes?
I remember they where those white-with-black-'ribbon'-J-rock-style platform shoes. Back in my teenage years when I was totally J-rock fanatic and had just bought my first doll - a Luts CP Delf Shine

2. Which type of doll shoes do you prefer?
Cute shoes in nice colors or with prints. I really like the Mary Jane silhouette. I also really like if there is some cute detail like a ribbon or a charm or such ;3

3. Do you have any grail pair?
I'm not really the type who has grail stuff...but I would love being able to afford some DollHeart shoes again some time XD

4. Anything that bothers you regarding doll shoes?
Sometimes I'm really frustrated that I cannot buy the same shoes for myself...

5. Do you prefer boots or heels/flats?
It totally depends on the character. But I guess I like looking at heels - mostly if they are sort of artistic or out-of-the-ordinary. I guess that's also why it sometimes annoys me that I cannot get them for myself XD

6. Any anecdote regarding your shoes?
It said "brown" on the Taobao page where I ordered these, but they turned out pretty black when I got them. But I still think they look great and Alice has happily worn them since. These where the first shoe-purchase I did from Taobao, and I was pretty surprised about the quality compared with the price :D

I'd love to nominate someone to do this too, but the ones I know have already been nominated - so easy beeing me. XD

P.S. Today I've been battling my airbrush trying to figure it out. I tried mixing my own paint - using gauge, medium and water, but I think it got too thin. Then again, the airbrush acrylics I've bought turned out to be a little too thick - maybe because I use an airbrush with a very small needle size...idk, but I'm not giving up >_<"

12 juni 2014

Examstress (x_x")

It's been too long since I last updated ;__;"

I'm currently having my exams for this semester, and they are really demanding most of my time atm. BUT! Tomorrow - after my 2nd out of my 3 exams - I will pass by my local art-store to get the last supplies I need to be able to start off doing all the faceups I need to get done.

A week ago I pulled out my airbrush and compressor, and it turns out the compressor is actually not as noisy as I remembered, so I will be able to use it inside without disturbing my neighbors. :D
That means - I'm (almost) ready to start doing faceups.

First up is my sister's tiny deer girl from Soom (sorry, can't remember the exact sculpt name).
It will be my first time trying to paint fantasy parts, so that is going to be exciting.
But seriously - fantasy parts are a pain in the b*t to clean! oO"

Then I need to finish at least one of my own, before going home to my parents house on Thursday next week. I don't know which one will be the first.

So I hope I'll be able to show off some dollies soon :D

Oh! And I've been nominated to do a shoe meme by Lise from Red Riding Hood - I promise I'll make it this weekend :D (I really need to do something else than just studying for the exam, and the dolls are just a perfect break from all the exam-stuff)

21 maj 2014

Recieved my newest Taobao order today

It actually only took 6 days for the package from Hong Kong to arrive. I'm pretty impressed ^^

The package was a bit battered, but the items was in super shape so that was nice.

I've only managed to take one picture that turned out ok...well, at least it's the best of them. I'll need to work on how to take pictures without making the wigs look all shiny and plastic like. The brown wig for Loki is really really soft and awesome, I just think I need to cut it a bit to make it a little shorter.
The uniforms look amazing and are really well done. I ended up turning Loki's uniform pants so that the fastening was in the back, because it made these weird folds in the front before. But I'm really happy with the look. ^^
The only annoying thing is, that SOMEONE has made little ball-pen marks on Lucy's skirt ;___;
So I'll need to figure out how to remove the ink from the fabric. >_<"

Oh! And I got a pair of black socks as a gift from the person who made the dresses :3 so nice.

P.S. yes, they are standing on a backdrop...but I just didn't figure out how to use it...maybe if I cleaned my room a bit I would actually have some space XD

19 maj 2014

Days passing by

I looked at my tracking number for my taobaotrends order, and it is currently in customs.
I hope they do not put on import fees, but who knows. I'm seriously broke for the rest of the month XD

This weekend I wanted to show my sisters (who are also into BJD) that white dress I was considering getting for Alice. But it turned out I've mislead people by saying it was from Amors, it's not. It turned out to be an Angel Studio dress.
I really like how it would show off a lot more of Alice's blue-grey skin than the brown dress she has now. It also fits the sort of fantasy world from which she comes. The only problem is, that it is very like a DollHeart dress I have for SD-sized dolls. So I'm not sure if I should go for it or find something that is not too much like stuff I've already had before. Idk I just think I like this type of dress XD

Hopefully - and I know I've promised this a thousand times before (well almost) - it'll be possible for me to start making faceups soon. My cuties really need their faceups. >____<"

14 maj 2014

Invasion of a tiny army

I went by the post office to pick up my new dolls today. The post...lady got a bit annoyed that I wanted my package without having gotten the letter from customs. But that was mainly because she had to remove a lot of huge parcels to get to mine :P

Here are the photos I took today:

I shall not comment a lot on these pictures, as I hope to be able to post more and better photos soon ^^
Now I will go to bed and dream sweet dreams of my lovely doll-collection ;D