29 november 2014

I just spent all my money

So, quick update on my plans to pay off a huge chunk of my Dlights...I did - or well - I tried to. XD
I'm not very good at using PayPal, but I hope I did what I should.
This month I intended to spent all of my salary from my internship/job to pay off some of my Layaway for the Dlights. I managed to find enough money to transfer, so that I'll only need to pay off $100 by the end of December before my Dlights are payed off. I'm so excited! But at the same time I'm really anxious because PayPal transactions are slow? oO"
I'd hoped the money would be with PW later Friday after transferring it Friday morning, but I still haven't had any confirmation from PW that they've received it...so I'll just be biting my nails until I hear from them XD'
I never spent so much money at once...ö__ö"

So now I am super broke (I do have money for Christmas stuff - just not ANY doll stuff) XD
But I'm just happy I get to pay off my girls much much faster than anticipated :D

6 kommentarer:

  1. Nice!!! I hope you get your Dlights soon *u*!!!
    I always pay with Paypal but I haven't had any delays with it at the moment, I hope they clear your payment on monday, it just might be the difference in time with Korea.

    1. Or it might be because the Danish Bank might have a longer response time with PayPal. But I just need to see my layaway plan show that I only need to pay $100 more to get them home >___<
      I'm so impatient.

  2. Yay! Soon they will be paid off :D
    Usually paypal is instant but if they need to withdraw the money from paypal then it can take extra days. But I would not worry if I were you :)

    1. Thank you sweety! :D It's getting real! Wee!
      I don't use PayPal much outside the 'click and log-in' pay methods like at Ebay and such. ^^" So I'm really in uncomfortable, unknown territory when I pay PW XD'

  3. How wonderful! I can't wait to see your girls! :D
    I hope the payment went through? It can be nerve-wrecking to wait for a reply from the company/seller :(

    1. Yay! Thank you so much dear! *^^*
      Nope, still no news. The money hasn't been drawn from my account either, it's so weird...it says 'Confirmed' on my PayPal account...;__;"