17 december 2013

One tiny step closer :P

So, today I got an email from taobaotrends.com, that my order was ready to be shipped out as soon as I payed the shipping fee from Hong Kong. I'm so excited! The stuff I bought looks awesome. I think the eyes might look even better than on the promo-photo that I also used for an earlier post. Wee!!
Well, I hope I won't have to pay too much to customs to get the parcel when it arrives >_<"

So far I am really impressed with the service that taobaotrends.com provides, and am not the least hesitant to buying through them anytime again. I find myself looking at Taobao quite often at the moment...guess I'm really impacient to have my army of cuteness with me >_< I'll probably ruin myself before they are even shipped from Peak's Woods. Hehe

15 december 2013

Leekeworld order

I have had my eyes set on a certain wig from Leekeworld for some time now, and I saw that it had only few of the colors I like left when I looked today, so I decided to organize a small group order with my sisters and my friend Anne.

The wig I ordered was the W129_D in NaturalBlack for Alice. I actually had this particular style in mind for Lucy, but I decided it had to be for Alice, and that Lucy will have a straight hair wig. I'm still unsure as to the hair color for Lucy, if it will be blonde or light brown.
I also ordered some glitter powder for faceups. All my dolls will be shipped without faceups, and I want them to be a bit sparkly. :)

I'm not really sure if Leekeworld wigs will fit the PW FOF head, but I will try asking on Den of Angels if anyone there has any experience with that. ^^


I did some brainstorming yesterday evening to find names for the dolls I have on layaway. So far I only had a name for Alice, so I've felt quite sort of neglectfull towards all the other dolls.
But fear not, I think I have found some great names for my little army of cuteness.

My v.f. Alice will - as you know - be named Alice Dé Dracûl
My Cheshire Goon will be named Lucy
My Dorothy Young will be named Nellie
Her twin Mr Hollow will be named Annabelle
And my Naomi boy will be named Loki

I look forward to get them in my hands and hope the names will be as fitting in real life as they are in my head ;D

14 december 2013

Spending all that money...why not spend some more!

As I wrote earlier, I ordered some stuff for Alice and the others.
My sister told me about Taobao a long time ago, but I didn't really have the energy to get acustomed to using an agent and stuff, so I never used it until a week or so ago. I found that Taobao has a lot of awesome stuff for BJDs and for a great price too, even with the agent fee.

So I made an order through Taobaotrends, which is really easy, and it took about two days and it was ordered. At the moment I am waiting for Taobaotrends to recieve the items and validate if they are as described. I'm really looking forward to see, how Taobaotrends are to deal with.

The order I made was with the following items:


So, I decidet to start making this blog today.
I've thought about making a blog about my dolls for a long time, but today I finally decided to do something about it. I do admit, I got very inspired by some of the people from Resin Garden - the Danish forum for BJD. ;)

It all started, when I thought I didn't have the time and space for my 3 large dolls; a Peak's Woods Wake Up Cue, a Luts Senior Delf Dahlia and an Angelsdoll 70cm Michael.
So far, I've only sold one of them - the beautifull PW doll - but I already have 3 dolls and 2 floating heads on their way. Well, the first one, a Peak's Woods FOF v.f. Lady Alice in gray-blue skin from their Halloween event this year...I do confess, she might be the reason I decided to have an all tiny family.
I am currently waiting to get her shipped, but she is payed and should be shipped soon. ^^
Her name will be Alice Dé Dracûl and she is the daughter of the president of the Republic of Transylvania, a parallel universe, and is searching to learn the mysteries of the human world.
I have already ordered her clothes, and I think it will be just perfect for her. But I can show what I have in mind for her in the next post.
Only a month after I ordered Alice, Peak's Woods announced that they would hold a winter event, giving a free FOF head with every FOF doll from 1st ~ 15th December. So evil! I couldn't resist and ended up arranging a layaway for 2 dolls with 2 extra heads.
A Mr Hollow girl in normal skin, because I just love those big, doe-like eyes. I haven't found a name for her yet, but I do know that she will be the twin sister of the Dorothy Young I ordered with this girl.
The Dorothy Young head will soon get a body, as I will probably order bodies for the extra heads soon after finishing the layaway for the dolls in March.
The two twins will get lolita dresses and be darn cute. So now you are warned :P

I did order one boy, a Naomi, because he has the right amount of cheekyness about him to make him fit the character I have in mind for him.

With the Naomi boy, I ordered a Cheshire Goon head for the last girl I have in mind. She will be Alice's best human friend, and she is very adventurous. So they will have a lot of fun together I am sure. :)

So that's it for now. This will be my doll family and I really can't wait for them to arrive. But until they do, I will just spam this blog with stuff I buy for them from Taobao and whereever ^^