15 december 2013

Leekeworld order

I have had my eyes set on a certain wig from Leekeworld for some time now, and I saw that it had only few of the colors I like left when I looked today, so I decided to organize a small group order with my sisters and my friend Anne.

The wig I ordered was the W129_D in NaturalBlack for Alice. I actually had this particular style in mind for Lucy, but I decided it had to be for Alice, and that Lucy will have a straight hair wig. I'm still unsure as to the hair color for Lucy, if it will be blonde or light brown.
I also ordered some glitter powder for faceups. All my dolls will be shipped without faceups, and I want them to be a bit sparkly. :)

I'm not really sure if Leekeworld wigs will fit the PW FOF head, but I will try asking on Den of Angels if anyone there has any experience with that. ^^

2 kommentarer:

  1. Personally I really like Leeke Wigs. The quality of the wigs are very good :)
    I can't wait to see all your little darlings with wigs, and faceup and all of it.

  2. I bought a Leekewig from Akatsuki on Resin Garden about a month or so ago, but I decided to choose a shorter style for Alice as she is a very lively character ^^
    Yeah! It will be very exciting to see them all when they are done :D
    But the ones on layaway will be payed off on 1st of March, so I expect to have them around May, so there are still a few months until I can hold them and make them pretty >_<
    Then again...it means I have no excuse to not have clothes, wigs, eyes and everything ready for when they come ;D I also need to save money to buy two extra bodies XD