11 juli 2017

Short update

I was going to update earlier but last week my computer broke. I wanted to fix it this upcoming weekend (have to reinstall everything - thanks Windows!) BUT! My grandmother passed yesterday, so I'll probably be away the upcoming weekend for her funeral. Which means, I won't be able to do any photo stuff until the weekend after ;^;

But yeah. I'm still on it. I just won't be able to update with new picture until I get my computer fixed ^^"

30 juni 2017

New addition to the family

Hi again!

So on Wednesday I woke up and felt super tired, so I texted my boss to ask if I could use a holiday-day-off because I was tired. He told me yes so I went back to sleep. When I woke up I got a text from PostNord saying I could pick up my Rosemii Blossom! Yay!
So I went and got her and if you want to check out the box opening pictures, please go to my Instagram account:

Rosemii Blossom box opening

The new Pink Punch skin tone is awesome! It really looks like bubblegum. Its a very nice pink shade. Kinda dusty.

Also. The clothes is GORGEOUS as always! I took some pictures of Rosemii and Hunky Dory in their new outfits and put those on my Instagram too:

New outfits

I love love LOVE the fabrics and how amazingly well-made it all is <3

Only thing that surprised me was not getting a wig with Rosemii. I checked the sales page and it doesn't mention that you'll get a random wig, so I guess Peakswoods stopped doing that? ._.
At least I got the cute bunny ear wig together with the clothes. :)

Also. I noticed that Rosemii - even though she is colored - does not have any marbling from what I could tell. I was pretty impressed. I think I've noticed tiny marbling on almost all my PW dolls...so yeah. That's pretty nice. :D

Last but not least I grabbed all the different colored Peakswoods dolls I own, undressed the bunch and lined them up for some comparison photos. Again, they are on my Instagram (
I was lazy and uploading to Instagram on the phone is so easy) ^^"

Comparison pictures of a lot of different Peakswoods colors

Hope it gives a good idea of how the colors look irl and compared to one another. :)

26 juni 2017

First update in a loooong while

And suddenly so much time has past! D:

Well, its been pretty quiet in the hobby for me since I received my PW Hunky Dory.
BUT! I 'finally' bought a new girl! :'D
Yep! I bought PW Rosemii Blossom in Pink Punch skin! *__*
I also got the dress and eyes since they are awesome and she'll fit right in next to my White Rabbit Tristan :D
Also...I bought the Frog Princess dress for my Hunky Dory since the Doll Heart dress she's been wearing until now is waaaay too big ;_;
The Doll Heart clothes are pretty big on the petite PW Lolita body ._. So I'm kinda hoping I can get more of those amazing Ardeaur De L'Amour dresses for the rest of my gang. *^^* We'll see.

Since I just paid the custom fees today I should be getting my new princess in a few days \o/


Some other updates are, that I strongly considered selling my IH EID Lawrence since the EID men are really difficult to find nice clothes for unless you buy them with a doll. And I'm not really the biggest fan of the handsome but terribly un-poseable EID male body, so I've decided not to get any more of those. I still really like Lawrence's face, so I asked Anne if she might like to sell me her Naval uniform from the Lawrence release since it's one of the only sets from Iplehouse I think would look just as amazing as my Crow outfit :)
She said yes!!! <3 <3 <3
So glad he'll get some nice clothes. It has also made me way more motivated to finish him :3
Just...he won't be Ludwig...I'm actually considering if I should make Crow into Ludwig. Might work?


Other than that...well I've finished a couple of faceups AND sold my remaining PW normal skin tinies to my friend Avi. We've been having little doll-parties the two of us in the last couple of months ^^

I also want to really get into photographing. So I'm studying various interesting tutorials. I hope that I can snap a few shots this upcoming weekend. :D

I can't wait to really get back in the game! I'll show you my new doll shelf soon :3
I also promised a girl on DoA that I'd take some comparison pictures of all the different Peak's Woods skin tones I have as soon as my new girl arrives. I'll make sure to post those pics here too :)


If anyone reads this, thank you for not forgetting me ^^" sorry its been so quiet for so long here.

14 marts 2016

And the winner is.... XD

Just wanted to do a quick update.

...Iplehouse EID Leonard will join my crew as Ludwig! (some day) XD

I've been stalking all the different pages I could think of, but they either didn't have faces that would fit his character, or they would get too far from the height I wanted for him.

At first I thought of Dollits Rey, but he looks too honest somehow to be Ludwig. Dollits Hyun - as much as I want him in my crew - looks way too young and innocent to be Ludwig XD
I then stumbled upon IH EID Arvid - he was a more suitable option...but it still didn't feel quite right. Then I stumbled upon Leonard while going through the Arvid pics on Flickr and he is PERFECT. That slight smirk he has is brilliant! :D
I'm really in love with Renegade Trigger's Leonard. He looks absolutely amazing!!! *___*

So yeah, just wanted to let you know I will be saving for a Iplehouse Leonard in RS with the model body. I find I don't like the superhero one as much as the model one as it has much less movement. But the superhero body is perfect for at majestic king/prince :D

01 marts 2016


So it's been some time since I last did an update in here. I've started doing an internship, so inspiration really hasn't been there much. >_<"
But I feel a little restless when I'm not blogging once in a while actually, because this is where I keep track of my hobby ^^

I'll start out with dropping a small bomb XD
I've debated this with myself a lot, and finally realised, that IH Lawrence won't work as Ludwig >_< He is just not the type to solicit pleasure women and smoking opium :D' So I'm going to use the Lawrence sculpt for another character...preferably a king or prince or someone noble. His face seems better suited for that sort of role :)
So this is exciting...I get to pick a new sculpt for the leader of my crew...but actually...it's really difficult XD' I find I'm extremely picky now. So I hope I can have fun looking for a new shell for him (hopefully keeping me busy until I start making some money soon) :)

Ludwig's character is still not that well known to me. But what I know is that he is extremely self secure, helps anyone he can, knows his own limitations, loves to taunt officials/guards/royals/etc., it prone to spend every penny in his pocket, likes to be praised for his looks and charm, dislikes rivals in looks and charm (he is pretty narcissistic actually <_<), is an extremely good fencer, seems like he doesn't have a care in the world but is actually very clever and cunning.
I'm imagining a guy who takes care of his crew like a mother hen, but at the same time loves to get in trouble with the authorities. He was sold into slavery as a young boy, so he has seen the system and hates how rich people trample on those less fortunate. He is a little like Robin Hood...just way more naughty XD

Idk if that makes sense...but it's turned out it's hard to find the perfect sculpt. I'd love to get a slightly smirky sculpt for him actually, but the ones I've seen so far will be hard to make into a 26 years old guy and not just a 17~19 years old ^^"
I'll just look further and hope I one day come across the perfect sculpt :D

My sister Helene showed me this super nice doll creator. So I've had fun trying to make concepts for my dolls using it.
 Codelia and Fitzwilliam. I want Codelia to have a colorfull wardrobe. And Fitz needs some goggles. :D

 Ophelia and Freyah. I want them to both have red hair. Ophelia is more of a wine/dark red, whereas Freyah's will be more orangey. ^^

Princess - disguise version (for lack of an actual name) and Ludwig. She is going to be shelled as a grey IH Bianca. Ludwig will have black hair with some blue incorporated in it somehow. ^^

Princess - non-disguise version (still not having a name for her) and royal-dude-number-001 (I played around to find a look for my IH Lawrence). I want my princess to be able to wear some awesome costumes as well :D And I'm imagining Lawrence's character will have a serious side-part x'D

So yeah, that's what I've been managing for now >_<" I hope I'm back soon with something interesting XD