30 juni 2017

New addition to the family

Hi again!

So on Wednesday I woke up and felt super tired, so I texted my boss to ask if I could use a holiday-day-off because I was tired. He told me yes so I went back to sleep. When I woke up I got a text from PostNord saying I could pick up my Rosemii Blossom! Yay!
So I went and got her and if you want to check out the box opening pictures, please go to my Instagram account:

Rosemii Blossom box opening

The new Pink Punch skin tone is awesome! It really looks like bubblegum. Its a very nice pink shade. Kinda dusty.

Also. The clothes is GORGEOUS as always! I took some pictures of Rosemii and Hunky Dory in their new outfits and put those on my Instagram too:

New outfits

I love love LOVE the fabrics and how amazingly well-made it all is <3

Only thing that surprised me was not getting a wig with Rosemii. I checked the sales page and it doesn't mention that you'll get a random wig, so I guess Peakswoods stopped doing that? ._.
At least I got the cute bunny ear wig together with the clothes. :)

Also. I noticed that Rosemii - even though she is colored - does not have any marbling from what I could tell. I was pretty impressed. I think I've noticed tiny marbling on almost all my PW dolls...so yeah. That's pretty nice. :D

Last but not least I grabbed all the different colored Peakswoods dolls I own, undressed the bunch and lined them up for some comparison photos. Again, they are on my Instagram (
I was lazy and uploading to Instagram on the phone is so easy) ^^"

Comparison pictures of a lot of different Peakswoods colors

Hope it gives a good idea of how the colors look irl and compared to one another. :)

7 kommentarer:

  1. Oh wow, your girls are so stunning in those outfits :D So so stunning.

    1. Aww thank you 😍 I really appreciate you saying that ❤
      I can't wait to paint Rosemii. I think I'll have fun painting her eyes :3

  2. Congrats on your new girl! She looks so lovely. :D That skin colour is gorgeous. And those outfits! ♥

  3. Thank you! 🙈❤
    I wasn't really interested in the Rosemii sculpt before PW released the Blossom version with the open eyes. Just makes her so adorable :D
    OMG you have got to see these amazing outfits one day! They are so well made! 😍

  4. Congrats! So beautiful and I agree with you- that dusty pink is gorgeous. The clothes are wonderful! 😍

  5. Thank you!
    I'm really excited to paint her since the colours always come out differently depending on the background colour:D

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