31 december 2015

Happy New Year 2016!!!

I hope you've all had a very lovely time in the last couple of days.
Here we celebrate Christmas, and I got to spend some nice time with my family. I love this season. Everybody are happy and there are decorations and fun activities everywhere :D

Christmas Eve - we celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December here in Denmark - went very nicely. This year we didn't have any guests, so we were 'only' us 6 (father, mother, my 3 sisters, and me).
We usually eat roast duck stuffed with prunes and apples. As well as boiled potatoes, caramelized potatoes, gravy and pickled red cabbage. Its super yummy! *___*
After we eat we are too full for desert, so we spend some time singing Christmas carols and psalms while dancing around the Christmas tree. One of the songs we sing are a very funny one where we hold hands and run around the entire house for as long as we can (this way we are able to eat a bit of desert afterwards without bursting) XD'
For desert it is tradition to eat a special rice pudding with almonds called risalamande. Usually there is a whole almond in it, and whoever finds the whole almond will get a small extra gift for their efforts haha. This year we didn't put one in however, because it always turns into a huge competition and everybody ends up eating way too much and feeling uncomfortable. XD
So many people actually ends up having to go to the hospital because they've overeaten oO"
Christmas dinners can be scary;P

After desert we start opening our presents. In my family we get few but good presents. My parents (and grandparents) gifted me a 50mm Nikon lens that was on top of my wish list this year, so I was super happy. :D
I'll definitely use this lens to take lots of new pictures of my dollies in 2016 ;)

The days after Christmas Eve we always spend on MORE Christmas dinners with different parts of our family, which is why I've not been able to do much online for the time.
Christmas is about eating I guess ^^"

Now, the time for New Years' celebration is here. 2015 went by so quickly, I don't feel ready to start a new year. But maybe that is just an excuse because I don't want to have all the exams I have in January <_<"

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve celebration and a good start on 2016!!! Please be careful if you plan to shoot fireworks like most people do here - you need those fingers and eyes guys!
I've baken a Key Lime Pie for tonight with my youngest sister - and I'm gonna eat a big piece and cry about it later >:P

My goals for 2016 will be up asap in January :D

See you guys next year! <3

05 december 2015

Goal review of 2015 goals :D

I saw Musume was doing hers and urging everyone to do the same. Just checked and saw I did something similar last year - so lets make it a tradition XD

My goals for 2016 will be in a later post, so this entry will only focus on whether or not I fulfilled my 2015 goals. ^^

Lets see:
1. Have money for customs
I received both my Dlights in one package, and was super scared about what I'd have to pay in Import and Customs. Luckily I got my girls home safe. I haven't had problems paying customs - only problems with customs messing around with my packages <__<"

2. Pay off my layaway for my Peak's Woods White Rabbit Dandy Tristan
I did!! It was such a relief. And he is now home with me where he belongs *____*~<3

3. Paint ALL my dolls - AND all my sisters dolls
Urgh! *Goes to hide in shame* Ehm...well...I did some XD' And I also didn't do some. I managed to paint my big PW dolls - even if just temporarily. I also did paint one of my sisters dolls...God I'm so terrible >_<"
I HAVE tried to finish more dolls, I'm just such a perfectionist that small mistakes haunt me forever and I usually end up wiping most of what I do ;__;"

4. Buy shoes, wigs, eyes and a little clothes for all my incoming dolls
Well, I had quite a lot of incoming dolls this year (I have received 5 dolls this year). Fitzwilliam doesn't have his own shoes yet, but he has wig, eyes and clothes. Both Freyah and Ophelia have shoes, wigs, eyes and some clothes. I bought some basic clothes and a wig with Ludwig so he isn't nude - and he came with eyes so he does have eyes right now - 1 pair of Maki eyes coming his way. ^^
Crow (srsl not sure what he should be named) came with his full set and a wig, so he is just waiting for his new eyes as well.
So for my incoming dolls - they are pretty decently dressed the lot.
Little Alice is actually done - well, as done as done goes for me. There can always be something to modify.

5. Get better at photographing my dolls
I don't think I have...I haven't done much photographing. This will definitely go on to be a goal for 2016 as well! >_<"
I'm actually wishing for a new lens for my camera this Christmas, so I hope that it will motivate me more. ^^

6. Keep doing this blog
Haha I did!! :D And I love it! And I want to keep doing it in 2016 as well! *^^*
I'm so happy to have gotten to know so many awesome people around the world through blogging, and I want to keep putting my stuff in here and enjoy reading other peoples entries as well. ^^

So the result: 4 out of 6 (I actually feared it was worse XD)

Some of this gave me a good idea for goals for 2016 as well. It was really interesting to go back and have a look at what I promised myself a year ago. Haha
I hope to be able to read my other blog-friends' entries about this, because its really fun to do (and a little embarrassing, but that is OK) XD