16 oktober 2014

Short update on The Crew

Some days ago I played around with dreamself.me again to come up with some concept ideas for my SD-sized dolls. They are now shown under The Crew if you wish to get a glimpse of how I imagine they will sort of look like. ^^
Unfortunately dreamself.me does not have 'unnatural' skin colors, so I just had to pick the palest one for both Ophelia and Fitzwilliam.

Hehe I'm still a little uncertain about Fitzwilliam, but out of all the names I've been considering, that is the most fitting - he IS my Mr. Darcy ;)

So open eyed Dlight will be named Freyah.
Wake up Dlight will be named Ophelia.
And White Rabbit will probably be named Fitzwilliam. XD

So that's all for now...just some random blabberings from me. ;P

15 oktober 2014

Good news!! ;D

Today I went to my internship company as usual, but it did not turn out to be such a usual day in the end actually.
Suddenly my internship-boss comes over to me and asks if I would like to stay an extra hour each day, and then get paid for it? Well I was speechless!
Here I've been, moaning about the loss of opportunity to earn some money by doing a part-time job beside my studies, and now I've actually got one that is not only very little time consuming (5 hours a week) but also at a great hour rate. So if everything goes right I'll be paying my two layaways off much quicker than expected! YAY!!! :D
This is so awesome! I've really been annoyed that I wouldn't be able to get a part-time job while doing my internship, but now it has just been magically taken care of (well, maybe not magically, but it does seem a bit surreal). XD
So by my calculations (the first thing I did), I'll be paying the last layaway payment by the first day of March! Wee! So exciting! That is a lot of months earlier than expected XD'
Now I am just a little in doubt about, if I should pay off my Dlights first, and then pay off His Royal Hotness fully when the Dlights have been payed...I'm not sure...Or should I just pay them off equally at the same time >_<"
What would you do? ö__ö

02 oktober 2014

The tinies

First a short note on His Royal Hotness: first payment payed!! :DI still can't believe I have managed to get AND buy THREE grail doll I din't knew I would have. XD
It's scary and amazing at the same time.

Anyway, so I've been having this idea playing around in my head to make my normal skin FOFs into seasons!! *__*
I've always loved interpretations of the seasons into clothes, and I really think that it would be a neat project for me. I think it will end with the twins being spring and autumn, and Lucy being summer and Loki being winter. ^^
It would be a project that would always be relevant, and could be really neat I think <3
As much as I love watching people having fantasy faceups, I won't do fantasy faceups on my crew, as I just feel like it's not really my intention of making it a fantasy theme. I just want to make clothes that are inspired by the season (colours, fabrics etc. but not fashion-like). It will end up being pretty frilly-dolly style I think XD
But that is awesome I think, because non of my big dolls will be wearing lolita stuff, and somebody should ^^;

Well, that's all the ramble you will get from me today XD
I'm trying to paint more doll pics on my computer, but it is not that easy, and I often just start afresh if I don't like where a sketch is going, so it might be a while before I actually get to finish anything >_<"
But hey, it's weekend after tomorrow! ;D