15 oktober 2014

Good news!! ;D

Today I went to my internship company as usual, but it did not turn out to be such a usual day in the end actually.
Suddenly my internship-boss comes over to me and asks if I would like to stay an extra hour each day, and then get paid for it? Well I was speechless!
Here I've been, moaning about the loss of opportunity to earn some money by doing a part-time job beside my studies, and now I've actually got one that is not only very little time consuming (5 hours a week) but also at a great hour rate. So if everything goes right I'll be paying my two layaways off much quicker than expected! YAY!!! :D
This is so awesome! I've really been annoyed that I wouldn't be able to get a part-time job while doing my internship, but now it has just been magically taken care of (well, maybe not magically, but it does seem a bit surreal). XD
So by my calculations (the first thing I did), I'll be paying the last layaway payment by the first day of March! Wee! So exciting! That is a lot of months earlier than expected XD'
Now I am just a little in doubt about, if I should pay off my Dlights first, and then pay off His Royal Hotness fully when the Dlights have been payed...I'm not sure...Or should I just pay them off equally at the same time >_<"
What would you do? ö__ö

4 kommentarer:

  1. Congrats! Extra money is always great! :D
    I think you should be careful paying off both of them, unless you have lots of money ready for custom fees. x_x It'll be expensive!

    1. Oh God you are right! I hadn't even thought of that o_O"
      Yes, well then I'll be paying off the Dlight ladies first XD
      I won't risk not being able to bail them out of customs. >_<"

  2. You know how happy for you I am. You are a hard worker and your boss noticed it, I'm very excited for you :D
    As Lise said, I think you should pay the Dlights off first, and then Mr Hotness after. Not only will it be easier with customs but I want to see the Dlight as soon as possible...! And if you receive the dolls at different time then I will have to visit you more that once to see all your dolls :P

    1. Thank you Anne <3
      Yeah, I think you guys are right about that. And if it means I get to see you an extra time, then that is just double up on awesome!! XD
      I'm happy you are excited to see my girls as well. I just can't wait to see those stunning resin colors *____*