16 oktober 2014

Short update on The Crew

Some days ago I played around with dreamself.me again to come up with some concept ideas for my SD-sized dolls. They are now shown under The Crew if you wish to get a glimpse of how I imagine they will sort of look like. ^^
Unfortunately dreamself.me does not have 'unnatural' skin colors, so I just had to pick the palest one for both Ophelia and Fitzwilliam.

Hehe I'm still a little uncertain about Fitzwilliam, but out of all the names I've been considering, that is the most fitting - he IS my Mr. Darcy ;)

So open eyed Dlight will be named Freyah.
Wake up Dlight will be named Ophelia.
And White Rabbit will probably be named Fitzwilliam. XD

So that's all for now...just some random blabberings from me. ;P

6 kommentarer:

  1. Fitzwilliam! <3 Yay!
    Mr Darcy is one of my favourite fictional men.

    I like all the names you've picked.

    1. I'm happy you like the names! I hope they will fit just as well in real life as they do in my head XD

      Yeah! Mr Darcy is a fantastic character, and I just thought the White Rabbit Dandy Tristan looks like a Mr Darcy type XD

    2. Well, that's difficult to know for sure until they are home. But I hope you stick to the names. I like them :D

      It's true. He have that proud look about him. I'm excited to see him and what kind of faceup you'll give him.

    3. Hehe yeah, that's true. But yeah, I also hope I won't have to find new ones ;D

      He does. I hope I can make him somewhat near as amazing as the PW faceup <3

  2. You are so good with names! They are all so pretty and special <3

    1. Thank you so much! <3
      It means a lot to me that you think so *^^*