03 november 2014

Slowly paying off

So long since I've posted last...or is it just me? ;D
I just wanted to note that I payed off TWO payments on my layaway plan for my Dlights this time. :D Yaaay!!! It's really great to see the payments getting fewer and fewer, knowing I'll have my two Dlights home in the beginning of 2015. *^^*
If all goes well, I'll be paying the last installment by end of January. Wee!! So happy <3
It's so great I get payed a bit for working at my internship company :)

I'm starting to look for what to buy my new girls when they arrive, and I've been fretting a bit about wigs. I'm pretty sure about color and style, I'm just not sure if I should go with fur or synthetic. I read about this brand Pengin Workshop on DoA last week, and these wigs look so pretty...I'm just not really sure if they have what I want XD
So hard to find the right thing. It's like my concept is at the edge of my sight, but I can't really see it clearly, just get hints and guess what I think I see. It's quite annoying sometimes >___<"
I want my girls to look a bit mature and not super girlie/lolita/frilly...you know? So I'm having a hard time because I really like to look at the girlie/lolita/frilly stuff XD
It has even crossed my mind to maybe make Ophelia's wig myself ö___ö" Don't know if I dare though. I've never tried it, and there seems to be a million different ways to do it. I would feel a lot more comfortable just buying a pretty red/wine colored wig that can be braided loosely over one shoulder. ^^

If anyone has a wig-dealer you think might be selling such a wig, please let me know <3 I shall be forever greatful :D

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  1. Congrats on the payments :D!! It feels great to pay off dolly things. I finished paying my SOOM jointed hands yesterday so I hope toy will send them next month >u<!!!!!
    About wigs I didn't know Pengin Workshop, the wigs look really nice! :O!
    Have you tried Etsy?? The last wig I bought was from there and it's really nice ~_~.... I'm also waiting on a wig from For my Doll for my Lady Alice, but I can't say about quality yet (if they are the same than Corbidoll, then they should be really nice :D).
    I can't wait to see your Dlights next year *u*!!!

    1. Aww!! Thank you so much! :D <3
      It does! And I'm so happy I won't have to wait a year to get them home. XD
      Cool!! I look forward to see you playing around with those jointed hands! My sister has some for her boy, and they are very entertaining ;D
      Yeah, Pengin Workshop looks really nice, and their prices are nice as well. But I'm not sure how their wigs look on a less lolita-girly sort of doll as they seem to be the only models.
      I haven't even thought about looking through Etsy. oO" Great idea! XD
      Do you know any nice sellers by chance? :D
      I've been through For my Doll but they didn't carry what I am looking for. However, If you could tell me if their quality is nice when you get yours, I might consider ordering a custom made one from them as I seem to recall they do custom wigs as well ^^
      YAY! I can't wait either!! I hope I have them home around March <3

    2. I bought a wig from Mori Time in Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/MoriTime) under the mohair section. Mine is a carrot wig with braids (if you check me blog, Serafina is wearing it)
      I also purchased a faux fur wig for Faolan from FunnyLori, but it hasn't arrived yet so I can't comment on that one.

    3. Nice! That is some cute stuff she sells ^^
      I really want a full wig that can make a nice thick braid, but it needs to be long enough to lay naturally draped on Ophelia's shoulder...But now I'm sort of really playing with the idea of making her wig myself as I'm so picky ^^"
      I'd love to hear your oppinion on the FunnyLori wig when you receive it :D

  2. Can't wait to see your new girls! :D
    I can't think of any wigs, so sorry for not being helpful =_=

    1. Yay! Me too. I want them home nooow XD
      Hehe that is ok. Maybe you know a good store on Taobao?