27 november 2014

Ended up with a little extra cash this month

And so I decided to finally order the Liquitex Matte Medium and Matte Varnish! Yay!
As I've been more and more impatient to try it, as well as impatient to get to paint my sisters Soom deer girl, I just had to buy these two compounds.
I'm so excited to be able to do the spraying inside. It'll be so nice not to have to rely on dry weather (especially as it rains most of the time here in the winter period). I also believe I'll be doing a lot more faceups when I don't have to go outside and look like a freak spraying my dolls while wearing a huge respirator mask. XD

So yeah, huge thanks to Ellesmera for inspiring me to try these. I'm so super excited to see how it is to work with. Also because it'll be a good kick in my butt to get started using my airbrush ;D

Oh! And did you guys see the new promo banner on the PW page and facebook? *__*
Grey Dlight is just gorgeous! I also completely love her faceup and styling. SO happy I get to have both kinds of these beauties. :'D
I hope to be able to pay a huge part of them off when my pay rolls into my account tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to make the last payment by the end of December :D

Aaaaand hopefully PW will not release any drop-dead-gorgeous dolls in the near future XD
I do feel like I'm contend with the dolls I have and have incoming, but PW dolls are just all soooo beautiful and it's so terrible >____< I really love PW ;__;"

4 kommentarer:

  1. Very cool! I can't wait to hear what you think of it. Then I might try it myself. I'm interested in painting Ingenieuse myself but I'm not a big fan of MSC.

    I saw the grey Dlight! I might have to make an offer on her in the blind auction :P

    I know what you mean. I'm very happy with the dolls I currently have and I don't need more but I still keep looking at pretty new dolls.

  2. Yeah! I look forward to be able to make a review :D
    Would be so cool to see your work if you decide to do her faceup yourself. ^^

    She really is gorgeous! I'm sort of happy that she is a one off since I have no money for her. So I won't be tempted to make an offer as I just spent all my money paying over $650 off of my Dlights (and to be fair...3 of the same sculpt is maybe too extravagant for me) XD
    But OH MY GOD I hope you get her if you decide to go for it *___* I'm pretty sure it's a fullset. And it's LOVELY!! :D

    Haha yeah, too much beauty for me to keep containing myself. XD
    But I hope they'll wait with any new releases of FOC's until maybe March >___<
    I think I counted a total of 16 new sculpts made in 2014 @___@

  3. I almost died with the PW promo banner, she looks so gorgeous there, you are so lucky to have her!
    and yay for new face ups!!! I can't wait how you do with it :D

    1. She really looks gorgeous doesn't she. I was so excited as well. But also kind of relieved when I read she was a one-off XD'
      But yeah, I can't wait to get my Dlights home and start pampering them >___<
      I'm so happy I decided to go for them both as it really is my most favorite of all the PW sculpts so far :)

      Haha yeah! I'll hopefully start doing faceups next weekend :D
      I'll make sure to spam this blog with how it goes XDDD'