18 november 2014


Just wanted to post how I have now convinced one of my sisters (Helene) to get herself a Peak's Woods doll as well XD
I guess I've been a little hard on my sisters pestering them about my incoming dolls and shoving my tinies in their face at any given moment. So yeah, Helene caved in and ordered an FOF Rabbit Waltz which will be super cute as a girl :D
And now we can both fangirl over PW...and maybe even convince Johanne (my oldest little sister) to also join in the PW fun. Haha

It'll be awesome to see Rabbit Waltz. I considered getting one before I went all 'must-have-SD-sized-dolls-again'-crazy so I'm so happy I'll get to play with one anyway ;D

Ellesmera from Fantasywoods.net told me about how she uses Liquitex Matte Medium and Liquitex Matte Varnish to seal her dolls. It sounds like a fantastic alternative to MSC. Unfortunately it's quite expensive to get, if at all possible. Why does it have to be so difficult? -___- I think I'll have to order through artsupplies.co.uk to get both of the components. It's not ridiculously pricy...it's just I keep thinking about paying off my Dlights and go "but thats [insert percentage] of one payment for my Dlights...I'd rather pay my layaway off noooow!"
And so I must wait until january to order those Liquitex stuff. But I'm certain I'll do it since it's supposed to be non-toxic and I would therefore be able to spray it inside my dorm room without dying in my sleep XD
Idk I've just become a bit affraid of MSC after listening to a horrifying sound clip of a girl on DOA who got a chronical condition in her lungs due to MSC. >____<"

I hope the weather will be good this weekend, then I might be able to play around with my sisters SOOM tiny. ^^

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  1. I hope you end up making your other sister a PW fan too XD!! That would make the FoF thread so entertaining lol!!

    Aw it's too bad you are having trouble to find liquitex products cheap! For me shipping wasn't that cheap but I think it was cheaper than MSC in the long run.
    I do face ups in my room too, I open the windows (luckily they are big) and I also turn a ventilator looking at the window, so the spraying goes out. I also use a respirator mask.
    I haven't feel any smells or had any problems of health. I feel way safer using it. I hope it works for you too :)!!

    1. Indeed it would be so much fun if she joined as well. XD
      She said she was pretty tempted by the Christmas Event, so maybe there is a chance ;)

      Yeah, I guess it's not ridiculously expensive, but I keep comparing prices with my Dlight layaway payments, so I will probably wait until January before ordering. Would have been nice though if I could just buy it from a local shop, but paint and such is really expensive here so it's much "cheaper" to buy it from UK.

  2. Haha! I love your sister is getting a PW doll too! Because of you I check the side often too :P

    I still have bottles of MSC but I honestly don't enjoy making faceups so I don't worry about how unhealthy it actually is. But for someone like you who enjoys doing faceup I'm happy you've found a new brand that is more healthy :D

    1. Haha I am evil like that >:P
      But it's so nice to be able to rattle on about PW and such with so many people, it makes everything much more fun when you can share it with somebody ^^
      I'd love to have you here when my girls get home XD Could be fun to do a box opening together ;D

      Aw! Thank you. I hope I'll be able to buy it soon. It'd be über nice if I wouldn't have to spray where all the others can see me (wearing my scary post-apocalyptic looking respirator mask) XD
      I confess it prevents me from doing more faceups that I feel so exposed when I need to spray the dolls ^^"
      So yeah, I'm definitely getting those Liquitex materials soon :D