27 august 2014

Package well recieved

I went to collect my package from Taobaotrends yesterday at the local post office. There was a ridiculous line when I got there, so I had to wait about 20 min. before it was my turn. No fun. XD
While I was waiting I heard the post-lady tell at least two customers that their packages were lost and that she was putting a missing note in the system...I got pretty nervous when it finally got to my turn. But after a lot of search around the little postoffice, she finally found my package - many nervous thoughts later. XD

The Angel Studio dress is ADORABLE!! The ONLY 'annoying' thing about it is, that the collar-thingy covers one of the bite-marks, but that I can live with. But really, it looks great! I need to find out how to put the headpiece on properly though, so I must do a bit of training there to get it right. AND I might (or well Alice might) be in dire need of new shoes XD I gave her the white ones with pink ribbon on, and it's just like they're not quite right together with the dress...oh dear. But for now it's OK. It's just a little something that bothers me a teeny tiny bit...

The shoes for Nellie will be great I think - but I haven't tried them on yet...I'm such a lazy owner ;D
Buuuuutt...as I also received three awesome new brushes, I'll try to do some face ups this weekend ^____^ I'm really excited to see how they are to work with. I really hope I can make those awesome fine lines you see on pro face ups *__*~<3

The last stuff in the package were the eyelashes! They look nice, but very different from the ones I've known so far. They are like sown together like a long string with eyelashes out one side. But I think they might be easier to put on the dolls, so that will be interesting to try XD
The eyelashes I put on Alice seems to be sticking on really well. I took inspiration for the application of her eyelashes from a thread on DoA that showed a really nice way to do it, as well as the YouTube videos by Andreja (Nicolle's Dream) ;)

Pics of Alice in her new dress will come in this weekend ^____^

19 august 2014

Shipping notice from Taobaotrends

Got the shipping notice from Taobaotrends today. YAY! I'm so looking forward to recieve Alice's new dress and the Zoukei-Mura brushes.
Hopefully I'll then be able to do more of the faceup I need to finish XD
I want to be able to paint super fine and feathery eyelashes. <3

The first payment for my Dlights has also been payed, and I am officially on a long layaway ;)
I still have no actual ideas for characters/story/clothes/style/etc. for them, but I'll have fun finding it out in the next months ;D
If you have any ideas, please let me know ^___~

18 august 2014

I've been so naughty!

So I didn't win anything in the PW photo contest - that's just life.
The winning photo was awesome by the way! *^^*

BUT!! I've just placed an order of TWO Dlights - one Wake Up Dlight in Diamond Grey skin with the special glitter eyes, and one Open Eyed Dlight in Suntan skin - both with extra hands (those awesome long nailed ones) and high heel feet.

I've asked for a 12 payment layaway - so that's going to be interesting. I'm pretty sure I'll end up paying it off sooner, but this was just to be safe in case of unforeseen expenses later - like insurance and so on. ;D

I'm SO excited! These two girls will probably be my only SD-sized companions for a very long time, but I think they will look awesome together, and I'll enjoy finding stuff for them the next year XD

So that's me being crazy...now you know >_<"

Soooo sloooow!! XD

I'm just sitting and waiting for the result from PW...they said they would make it public today, but they still haven't, and I think the time is around 21:00 O'clock now in Korea...
It's not fair to let us wait XD

This weekend I've caught myself enjoying the idea of actually buying both types of Dlight...both the Wake-up (Diamond Grey skin tone) and the Open eyed (Suntan skin tone). >_<"
I'll just wait and see...must resist buying right away. XD

The great thing about PW limited dolls is, that they will produce for all who order in the limited order period. Not just make like 10 of each and then it's first come, first serve. That would be horrible ^^"
But I'm starting to think collecting PW dolls has become an obsession for me XD
When I'm an old lady I'll have a whole house full of PW dolls (o_O")

17 august 2014

Paid shipping

I just got a mail from Taobaotrends with pictures of my latest order. It looks so wonderful I can't wait to have it all home soon *__*

And tomorrow the winners of the PW photo contest will be announced, so that's pretty exciting as well. I want a Wake Up Dlight in Diamond Grey SO BAD!! XD
She is sooooo pretty <3

Let's see what tomorrow brings ;D

12 august 2014

I'm 99.9% certain...

...that a Wake Up Dlight shall be mine! >_<

I've noticed how I keep going past PW's homepage to look (drool) at her, so I'm beginning to get nervous about the end of this month ^^"

I'll wait until one of the last days in this month to ask for her on layaway (in the Diamond Grey of cause) so that I can still decide not to for a little longer. XD
The minimum first payment of $200 is making me a little uneasy, but I could use the last money from Mr. AngelsDoll Michael to pay it actually...Let's see what the future will bring - or at least the end of August ;D

10 august 2014


Yesterday was the day when I finally pulled myself together and painted a faceup on Alice.
I wanted so much to be able to participate in Peak's Woods photo competition, so it had to be done yesterday so that I could take photos of her today. And I did it, and I'm actually quite happy with the result. Unfortunately my MSC has gotten old (or at least the can I used) so the torso will have to be redone as the bite marks are flaking off :(

But anyways! Here are some of the pictures from today's shoot :D
First! The faceup...

And now with wig...

 And lastly, the photo for the PW contest:

02 august 2014

Made new pics for The Crew

...but no photos yet - I'm like the worst doll-owner ever! XD

I still haven't gotten any faceups done (ended up wiping them all), but hopefully I can do Alice's tomorrow so that I can compete in the PW photo contest - and maybe win a Dlight?? XD'

After seeing the promo pics of the open eyed Dlight, I'm actually more in love with the Wake Up Dlight. She is super seductive and gorgeous. But I don't think I'm going to buy one. The diamond-grey skin tone looks awesome. It looks very shimmery and more light than the blue-grey skin tone of ex. my Alice.
So I guess I'll just wait and see if I'm lucky to win anything in the photo contest. Else I'll probably try to save my money for next time. ^^"