26 juni 2017

First update in a loooong while

And suddenly so much time has past! D:

Well, its been pretty quiet in the hobby for me since I received my PW Hunky Dory.
BUT! I 'finally' bought a new girl! :'D
Yep! I bought PW Rosemii Blossom in Pink Punch skin! *__*
I also got the dress and eyes since they are awesome and she'll fit right in next to my White Rabbit Tristan :D
Also...I bought the Frog Princess dress for my Hunky Dory since the Doll Heart dress she's been wearing until now is waaaay too big ;_;
The Doll Heart clothes are pretty big on the petite PW Lolita body ._. So I'm kinda hoping I can get more of those amazing Ardeaur De L'Amour dresses for the rest of my gang. *^^* We'll see.

Since I just paid the custom fees today I should be getting my new princess in a few days \o/


Some other updates are, that I strongly considered selling my IH EID Lawrence since the EID men are really difficult to find nice clothes for unless you buy them with a doll. And I'm not really the biggest fan of the handsome but terribly un-poseable EID male body, so I've decided not to get any more of those. I still really like Lawrence's face, so I asked Anne if she might like to sell me her Naval uniform from the Lawrence release since it's one of the only sets from Iplehouse I think would look just as amazing as my Crow outfit :)
She said yes!!! <3 <3 <3
So glad he'll get some nice clothes. It has also made me way more motivated to finish him :3
Just...he won't be Ludwig...I'm actually considering if I should make Crow into Ludwig. Might work?


Other than that...well I've finished a couple of faceups AND sold my remaining PW normal skin tinies to my friend Avi. We've been having little doll-parties the two of us in the last couple of months ^^

I also want to really get into photographing. So I'm studying various interesting tutorials. I hope that I can snap a few shots this upcoming weekend. :D

I can't wait to really get back in the game! I'll show you my new doll shelf soon :3
I also promised a girl on DoA that I'd take some comparison pictures of all the different Peak's Woods skin tones I have as soon as my new girl arrives. I'll make sure to post those pics here too :)


If anyone reads this, thank you for not forgetting me ^^" sorry its been so quiet for so long here.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Welcome back! It was nice to hear from you again and congrats on your latest buy! Hope that you receive the dollie soon! She is a cutie! Happy Summer!

    1. Thank you! Its nice being back :3
      I hope Customs will send her out tomorrow so I'll have her Thursday or Friday :D
      Happy summer to you too!! <3

  2. Long time no updates indeed XD WB!
    It's some interesting things you're slowly beginning to do. I still adore your PW dolls! :3
    Looking forward to hopefully seeing more updates from you <3

    1. Thank you!!
      Yeah I have had so many changes irl going on so I didn't really get time for my dolls. But now I've settled so I'm back in the game again :D
      I'll make sure to update regularly again now :3

  3. Welcome back! It's funny 'cause I'm also slowly trying to return to my blog. :D
    It's always such a shame when you buy an outfit and it's either too small or too big for your dolls. :< But we have to take some chances once in a while in this hobby. xD

    1. Thank you! And welcome back to you too then ;D
      I really missed putting my thoughts and rambles about my dolls someplace, so I'm really happy to be back :D
      Yeah. Expensive chances at times. But both the 'old' Doll Heart set and the new PW for my Hunky Dory are of amazing quality, so I'm sure I can sell the DH one again if I decide to :)

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